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Rebecca House

Rebecca House


Holistic House of Health

Health and well-being
East Wellow
I am about helping people find their own way to better health and living a better life. Having had a range of health issues throughout my life from minor to life threatening, I learnt early on that only I am responsible for my well-being and it is up to me to take control of my health and learn how to make myself well. Through training in the natural health therapy of kinesiology I was able to learn simple, effective and powerful techniques which addressed all my health issues and accelerated my recovery from illness and injuries. Using the considerable teaching experience I have gained from working in higher education for nearly 20 years and the many years that I have been a therapist I am now teaching small group interactive workshops in the basics of touch for health kinesiology. The techniques are easy to learn and simple to use and give you the power to change your life.

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