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Katie Young

Katie Young

Insolvency Practitioner

Kewans Limited


Katie Young is a licensed Insolvency Practitioner at Kewans and has many years of insolvency experience and knowledge in assisting and supporting companies, directors, shareholders, individuals, debtors, creditors and employees.

We also specialise in solvent liquidations of companies to facilitate tax planning, retirement, shareholder disputes or when a company has simply come to the end of its useful life.

As well as assisting with corporate insolvencies, Katie also assists with many personal insolvency situations which could include anything from pressure from HMRC, banks or credit institutions, to issues such as needing time to pay your creditors whilst a divorce is being finalised.

We work closely with many other professionals and are therefore able to assist with a full range of services in relation to your business or personal financial situation including accountancy, tax planning, property, employment, pensions, and healthcare.

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